The Full Story of Two Admission Seekers

On a bright sunny day in April, two friends who recently graduated from the same secondary school bought their JAMB form. They were equally delighted of their great prospect of gaining admission into the university.

They have been close friends from their Alma mater. They have roughly the same grade in their O level result. With their result, they are both qualify for admission, roughly equal chance.


They are both ambitious and steadfast in their preparation for the national matriculation exam. They both burn countless candles and have sleepless nights.


They cram, they chew, they digest, they understand, and explain to each other where need demands. On the exam day they are both happily ready to give their best and so they did.


Fortunately, they both come up with close scores. They are happy, they are moving ahead to the university. Their academic dreams are just about to come true.


But Something Happen…

As they both run after the university of their choice and tender their results in the application for the admission, one was given admission to 200 Level to study his desired course and the other face the tough nut of live and have to wait a year at home to rewrite his JAMB again.


What Made the Difference?

This is not a strong about diligence, discipline and smarter thinking. It is not about scoring greater grades or having shorter name in your admission application slip. Neither does this story aim to compel you to believe queuing at the bank to retrieve pin for your JAMB registration is just the right thing. It might be but not every time.


The successful boy wasn’t that smart. He only made the right choices. He got a viable backup plan.


As you can read, admission to 200 level is not possible through JAMB even if you score the highest nation-wide. As you are reading this piece so he read about other opportunities for admission. He didn’t debunk the news as his friend did, he took his chance and doesn’t bait his future on the extremely competitive and stiff-necked UTME.


He heard of IJMB, JUPEB and NABTEB and joined a resourceful centre while also pursuing and reading for his UTME. Even if admission flows from the two sides, he is just better positioned for admission.


Wait, don’t throw this up with the chase of two rats led to catching none. In fact, this is no rat. Your higher education is important to your life and career.


Using two guns to shoot a big elephant is never too much. Who told you the elephant will fall even with that. So don’t get disillusioned by tradition.


The chance with only JAMB is close to no chance. The good news is: it is legally allowed for you to write these exams while you sit for JAMB.


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