Nigerian Universities That Accept IJMB

Universities that Accept IJMB

IJMB is now widely accepted and secure in gaining admission.

It is remarkable that huge number of top and outstanding universities in Nigeria now accepts IJMB as a requirement for admission into 200 level. As obtainable before now, only few universities in Nigeria actually recognize, accept, and offer direct entry admission to IJMB holders.

However, things have greatly swivel for the good. In today article I will be sharing top universities accepting IJMB as a legally recognize A’ level examination that slot aspirant for 200 level in the course of their choice. I will also examine top five universities and what your chance looks like with them.

5 Most Sought Universities Thet Accepts IJMB

Thumb up: Universities that accept IJMB

#1. University of Ilorin, Ilorin. (Federal)


Student Population: Over 35,000

Average Yearly Applicants: 107,000

Average Yearly Intake: 11,000

Faculties: 15                                         Departments:  113

By far, Unilorin is currently the most sought after university in Nigeria due to the stable academic calendar of the past decade. You simply spend your 4 or 3 years depending on your mode of entry and course of study.

The good news: out of the 107,000 yearly applicants about 104,000 of them are JAMBites. The average department in the university offers admission to about 12 – 15 direct entry students.

Statistically, the implication is that Unilorin offers admission to about 1800 direct entry students out of the 3000+ applicants. The percent is something around 60%, that is about 3 out of 5 applicants


  • Unilorin accepts (5-9) points for any science, paramedical, administrative course
  • Requires minimum of 13pts in IJMB for Medicine
  • 8 points and above for Engineering courses, A/level Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry for Industrial Chemistry
  • 7 points and above for Social Sciences/Administrative Courses
  • 5 points and above for Religious Studies, Languages, and most of the Courses in Arts Faculty and Agriculture

#2. University of Benin, Nigeria. (Federal)


Student Population: 50,000

Average Yearly Applicants: 72,000

Average Yearly Intake: 10,000

Faculties: 15                 Departments: 91

UNIBEN is the second most sought university in Nigeria with approximate 69,000 annual applicants who are JAMBites. UNIBEN admits about 10,000 students yearly.

Each of the 91 departments in UNIBEN admits about 13 direct entry students yearly which sum up to about 1200 intakes.

Your chance is incredibly high applying with IJMB for UNIBEN. The estimate shows that UNIBEN admits about 60% of their direct entry applicants.

UNIBEN IJMB Point System

  • UNIBEN Requires 12pts for Law, Economics and other Administrative courses
  • 5 points and above for Science and other Paramedical courses
  • 5-9 points Faculty of Education, Agriculture, Social Sciences, Arts &Humanity
  • 8 points and above for Political Science, Mass Communication and other relatives course
  • UNIBEN does not accept IJMB into Structural Engineering


#3. Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (Federal)


Student Population: 40,000

Average Yearly Applicants: 70,000

Average Yearly Intake: 8,000

Faculties: 7                  Courses/Departments: 87

What about UNIZIK and IJMB? UNIZIK has the 3rd most sought university in Nigeria has the average of yearly applicants of 70,000 students with the average of 8,000 yearly intakes

Fortunately, UNIZIK has about 67,000 of her applicants from JAMB. Only 3,000 for direct entry. Our survey shows that UNIZIK admits about 15 direct entry students per department. This approximate to 1300 slots, somewhere around 43%.

UNIZIK IJMB Point System

  • Requires a minimum of 4pts into Faculties of Education, Agriculture, Arts(Languages)
  • 6pts into Faculties of Accounting,
  • 6pts for Engineering, and Medicine
  • 6pts minimum for Physiotherapy

#4. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria


Student Population: 35,000

Average Yearly Applicants: 60,000

Average Yearly Intake: 11,000

Faculties: 13                 Courses/Departments: 94

ABU is the 4th most sought university that accepts IJMB. Base on the popular ranking of most sought after tertiary institutions in Nigeria, ABU is ranked 6th. However, on the ground of university that accepts IJMB, ABU seats on the 4th position.

ABU, Zaria is primarily the core supervisor of the IJMB program. The school yearly provide Chief Examiners in all centers. The examination scripts are mark there and the results are issue out by them.

Your chance with Ahmadu Bello University is very much high. Primarily, out of the 60,237 aspirants in 2016 exactly 56,301 of them are JAMBites leaving 3936 aspirants as direct entry seekers.

ABU IJMB Point System

  • Accepts 10pts and above for Medicine/Law Engineering/Economics
  • Accepts 5pts for all other courses
  • Requires 8pts with A’ Level Government, Economics and B/Management

#5. University of Ibadan, Ibadan


Student Population: 33,481

Average Yearly Applicants: 60,000

Average Yearly Intake: 11,000

Faculties: 14                 Courses/Departments: 114

UI is the 5th of this list with the average of 57,400 aspirants who are JAMBites. Accordingly, only 2600 aspirants are direct entry/IJMB admission seekers.

Well, University of Ibadan do not give 200 Level admission to IJMB. The good news for aspirants with IJMB result is that there is a huge chance of entry than the tough UME contenders.

UI Point System

  • Accepts IJMB into 100 Level only
  • Requires 12pts and above for all courses except Medicine, Law and other competitive courses
  • Ibadan does not accept IJMB as direct entry
  • UME is required

Other Institutions That Accept IJMB

Apart from these five top most sought institutions, there are many other universities that accept IJMB as a mode of entry to 200 level to any course of choice.

Bayero university, Kano State, Nigeria

  • Website:
  • Requires a minimum of 4pts into Faculties of Education, Agriculture, Arts (Languages)
  • 6pts into Faculties of Accounting, Engineering, and Medicine
  • 6pts minimum for Physiotherapy

University of Abuja, Gwagwalada, FCT, Nigeria

  • Requires 10pts or above for direct entry into 200 level only,
  • Any point below this is 100 level to any wishful course.
  • Accepts 10pts for 200L Accounting
  • Requires 10-16 point in Economics

Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria

  • Website:
  • # Requires minimum of 10pts for any Engineering course
  • Requires 5pts and above for other and Non-analytical Para medical courses
  • Requires 8pts and above for Food Science and Technology

University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

  • Website:
  • 8pts and above is required for any course in college of Medicine, Law, Political Science, Engineering, Nursing, Sciences, Medical Lab, etc
  • 5pts is required for all other courses in their various faculties including school of Agriculture
  • 5pts and above for all other courses in various faculties

Ekiti State University. Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria

Federal University of Agriculture. Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

  • Website:
  • Accepts IJMB result with automatic admission into 200 level with a minimum of 4pts and above for all courses in any faculty offered

University of Calabar (UNICAL), Cross-River State, Nigeria

  • Website:
  • Calabar accepts IJMB as Direct Entry
  • Calabar does not accept IJMB for Medicine, Economics, Engineering and Law


University of Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria

Ambrose Ali University (AAU) Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria

Igbinedion University. Okada, Edo State, Nigeria

  • Requires considerable points for her College of Medicine and other Analytical Science courses
  • 5pts points and above into 200 Level in Social Science, Arts, Administrative, and Agricultural courses

Please, let it be noted that all northern universities and all private universities across Nigerian states accept IJMB whether it made the list above or not 3-4 pts can be considered for some minor courses in the school.

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