Explicit Meaning of IJMB

IJMB explicitly means Interim Joint Matriculation Board. In its proper sense, it should be called IJMBE which means Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination because it is primarily an advance level examination pioneered, supervised and monitored by the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. It also includes a two semesters session that lapse for seven (7) – nine (9) months after which the student is qualified to write the examination.

It was established as a substantive alternative to UTME which over the years is bedeviled with mass failure and insecure admission for students. As recorded, JAMB only secure admission for just 400,000 of the over 1.5 Million aspirants that annually apply for the exam. Importantly, the number account for only 27% of the total aspirants and the bunk of who will make admission to polytechnics and colleges of education and not the university of their choice. Even most that make it to university will either end up studying a course they didn’t chose.

IJMB is a direct entry examination to 200 level in any university with freedom of course of choice. It is a huge success examination with lesser aspirants compare with JAMB. It flourishes with high level of intake by universities in Nigeria. IJMB results also lasts for more than 7 years. It also provides room for awaiting O ‘level result. In institution with crossing CGPA, IJMB give you complete access to automatically scale over the probation year.

It is however unfortunate that IJMB has few formally recognized centres. Yet, the huge opportunities lurking in the examination for candidates and its success over the years has drawn many audiences for it. Invariably, the rise of fake/illegal centres is undeniable. It is therefore important for candidates to scrutinize whatever private centre he/she wants to register with before getting duped.

Although, IJMB is primarily a program run, monitored and supervised by ABU, Zaria and its formally recognised centres as College of Advanced Studies, Ilorin. It is however remarkable that private centres have proven to train students more effectively for the exam. With recorded success as high as 97% from the privately registered and tutored students.

The sad news, nevertheless, is the presence of some private centres that merely register students, bill them in high prices and do not provide necessary facilities to help them achieve success in their IJMB exam. It is quite painful for the news we have heard over the years from students that moved from such centres to Lankotheory Education Services (No brags!). It is always a state of total carelessness from the tutors and centres’ management body.

For instance, Prudent learnt about IJMB online and picked his phone to call one of these centres in Ilorin. He paid for the registration form and pay the huge IJMB School fees. But on arriving to the session, it was a different ball game. The sweet voices he heard on phone turned to the ones that don’t care coming to class nor provide necessary materials for him to succeed in his upcoming IJMB examination.

Fortunately, Prudent realized he is already failing even before the examination. Thanks to God, he realized this early. He learnt about Lankotheory Education Services by his friend that graduated from the centre and now in 200 Level in the University of Ilorin. He switched course and a few days ago he finished his IJMB papers triumphantly with the rest of the 2016/2017 IJMB Examination Set.

At least, Prudent realize this early and could afford changing centre. What if you won’t be fortunate like him. The truth no other centre will tell you is this: no private IJMB centre is fully formally recognized. We all can run away with your money. But the difference is: what we aim to protect is bigger than that of others.

We are Lankotheory Education Services. We have been tested and back to back we have helped thousands of students attain success with various examinations including WAEC, JAMB, IJMB, JUPEB, SAT, TOEFL, etc. We are incredibly known for being trustworthy.

We are the big brand that including Lankotheory Entertainment and Lankotheory Catering Services. We recruit competent University Lecturers who are markers of IJMB examinations to tutor students for the examination.
Our facilities are mesmerizing.

We have male and female hostels separated and far from each other. We have been able to secure clean record of no rape nor any other sexual harassment. Our centre is situated at Olorunsogo Garin Alimi, Ilorin and we are opening another IJMB centre at University Road, Tanke, Ilorin.

Your health is of great importance to us. We do monthly check-up for students in our hostel facilities. We believe that only a healthy student can succeed in her academic pursuit.

Our goal is to see you succeed in your academic pursuit. We don’t forget our students right after the examination. So far, we are proud to say we have the largest body of alumni in the surroundings. We keep in touch and ready to provide you support even after your admission to the university. Unlike other centres, we have heard our students becoming scholars in their departments.

IJMB courses are often reflective of the UTME sort of 4 courses. The registration is also stress-free since we will be in charge to help you facilitate your registration with no error. Sincerely, we have seen students that forfeit their JAMB admission because of the loose registration system in which any public cybercafes can register students. Within this context, we have seen café operators mistype student’s results remarks and or name during the registration process and automatically disqualified them for admission (I was a victim!).

We can conclude that IJMB has a secure and structured registration system. But, it is a manual process. There is no official IJMB website and the bunch you see out there are imposers. You can however learn more about IJMB by reading the archives of this site. You’ll learn other great opportunities lurking in IJMB. We weekly provide tips on how to improve your reading, studying and assimilation process and ultimately become a more successful student.

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  1. I have been seeking for admissions for close to 5 years now, and passed jamb last year but was not admitted still, how am i to be sure ijmb is not another advanced jamb.

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